From the chaotic and disorderly image of the country to the brand unification of thousands of stores

A national big brand, the management of the brand image of many offline stores is extremely difficult to solve. We created the “Brand Rubik's Cube” tool for Red Star Macalline. Through the brand vision management ecosystem, we helped the national chain brands such as Red Star Macalline to create a visual management solution that solved the troubles of Red Star Meikai. Long years of terminal management problems.

From the chaotic and disorderly image of the country to the brand unification of thousands of stores

As of 2016, Red Star Macalline has more than 200 stores in 142 cities across the country. Every year, shopping malls across the country hold more than 7,000 marketing activities based on local market conditions and competitive strategies.
In these external marketing activities, how to keep the brand image unified, but also let the local areas play according to the actual activities? Relying on the traditional national unified marketing is unrealistic, and the biggest problem caused by the local publicity of the shopping malls according to subjective preferences is that the visual image styles vary widely and the design quality is uneven. Eventually, the image of the Red Star Macalline brand was blurred and the brand recognition was very low.
We helped Red Star Macalline build a “brand visual management ecosystem” – the brand cube.

The brand cube is not a traditional brand manual or a VI manual, but a set of visual management tools including: brand image management, top ten color systems, and five elemental databases.
Through the brand Rubik's Cube, local mall designers can complete the main visual design that meets the requirements of the event and meets the brand requirements in a short period of time. The design efficiency is increased by 10 times and the design average score is increased by 40 points.

At the same time, we help Red Star Macalline to establish and improve the growth and security mechanism of the “Brand Rubik's Cube”, and push the “Brand Rubik's Cube” to the end through APP and designer competitions.
Relying on the “brand Rubik's Cube”, an ecosystem that can self-regulate and grow constantly, Red Star Macalline solved the chaotic and disorderly national brand image and realized the brand unification of thousands of stores.

In the future, Red Star Macalline will gradually realize its larger business blueprint, and brand management becomes more and more important. We will continue to help Red Star Macalline's brand and work hard to achieve a bigger and better commercial brand!