From the old products after 60's, to the new choice after 80's

As the core product of the Pfizer Group, Calgic has been deeply involved in the calcium supplementation for more than 20 years. The main users are middle-aged and elderly people around 50 years old. How to expand the population and allow younger people to supplement calcium is the key to the expansion of Calgary's business. We have created a brand new image for the Calgium brand, and we have created a product group for different segments of the population from the previous single product.

From the old products after 60's, to the new choice after 80's

Calgic, the first internationally renowned calcium supplement brand to enter China, has been recommended by many Chinese medical experts and nutrition experts for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. It is also the most recommended calcium preparation brand by doctors worldwide.
In view of the need for Calgary to expand the population, it will bring the demand for business expansion. How to stimulate calcium supplementation with young consumer groups is the core of this strategy.
We have found through consumer research that young people do not have bone problems, so the demand for calcium is not strong. But at the same time, we also found that 35-year-old is the key period of life, and there are small family pillars. Calcium supplementation is not just for yourself, but also to support the future of the family. -- Give a strong calcium supplement after 35 years of age, thus completing the goal of the Calgary brand business expansion.

Once the “35-year-old calcium supplement” was launched, it brought an amazing sales growth. At the same time, based on the successful experience of mainland China, Calci has decided to apply the same strategy and film to the Asia-Pacific markets such as Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Subsequently, we developed a brand strategy for “Crowd Segmentation” for Calgic to launch different products for different groups of people.
In response to the special calcium supplement needs of the 45-year-old population, we propose the concept of "Golden Calc" transmission after "40 years old, locking calcium":

More specifically for the needs of modern urban women, the concept of "double absorption" of skin care products for "liquid calcium" products, highlighting the product differentiation from a functional perspective:

Through years of hard work, we have re-established a brand new brand image of a Calgium brand that has entered China for more than 20 years, and created a brand new product line for different groups of people, so that an old brand can regain its vitality and give more vitality. Calgge brings huge opportunities for business expansion.