From the niche foreign brands to the hot NetRed

Dyson, as the benchmark brand in the world's small household appliances, has been attracting the attention of Chinese people with its ultimate design, black technology and fashion style since entering China in November 2012, but domestic consumers have known Dyson products, and Not enough to impress consumers to pay 3-5 times higher than similar products.
We proposed Dyson's effective communication strategy of “single product network red”, using social media to get close to consumers, relying on the competitiveness of the products themselves, and impressing consumers with product features.

From the niche foreign brands to the hot NetRed

Starting from the service of Dyson, 25Hours* raised the effective communication strategy of “single product network red” for Dyson with its brand marketing experience and in-depth research and insight into consumer trends.
We have reached a consensus with Dyson that at this stage Dyson does not need high-quality brand communication, but should go close to consumers, use the product's own competitiveness, and impress consumers with product features and characteristics.

Based on the current consumer purchasing decision-making, in the most effective way, the self-media and talents who are in line with the brand's depth, to deeply interpret and display the black technology aesthetics and practical functions of Dyson products, impress consumers, and finally let Every Dyson product has become a popular "net red".

We have combined many network red KOLs that meet the brand temperament and tonality, and we will quickly win the products and create the super high heat of the Dyson brand.

We invited the famous stylist Mr. Li Dongtian to use Dyson products as a professional guide to achieve the product features and characteristics, and let the consumers plant the products with a good user experience. It was mad, and it ushered in a surge in sales.

In just two years, Dyson not only got rid of the original brand dilemma, but also effectively realized the sales conversion and created a new competitive advantage, and made every Chinese consumer. Really experienced the changes that Dyson's technology and products bring to life!