From annual sales of 80 million to 2.6 billion business miracle

As the core brand agent of RIO Cocktails, since 2012, we have helped RIO cocktails reposition, ushered in explosive growth in sales, and through a series of integrated communications, to maintain their brand status while maintaining rapid growth in market sales. In just three years, the industry has expanded to more than 10 times the size of the industry, and the RIO brand has become a "unicorn" that accounts for more than 75% of the industry's market share.

From annual sales of 80 million to 2.6 billion business miracle
Repositioning and Creating a Blue Ocean

In 2012, cocktails accounted for less than 0.1% of the entire alcohol market. RIO cocktails are among them, and they face strong pressure from domestic and foreign competitors. The small market and great competition are the biggest problems that RIO cocktails faced at the time.
Through in-depth market research and meticulous consumer research, we have made RIO cocktails stand out in the market. We have taken:
1. Avoid mature alcohol users and open up a large number of young people who have not established drinking habits to become seed populations;
2. Avoid traditional alcohol use places and open up new scenes of active drinking by these young people;
3. Avoid the usual style of alcohol, create cocktails with different personality characteristics;
In the end, the RIO cocktail was repositioned, “a stylish drink with mild alcohol” to create a blue ocean market for cocktails.
The shift from wine to alcoholic beverages has steered clear of competitive pressures and seized market opportunities, opening up a huge new market for RIO cocktails.

Consolidate the brand and stay ahead

With the establishment of brand and product identity, the brand positioning of the first stage has been initially completed. Stabilizing the status of products and brands, making RIO cocktails continue to be favored by young consumers, is the second priority.
We aim at the current situation of fragmentation and personalization of young consumers, and create a “marketing circle” strategy for RIO cocktails. Through a series of brand actions such as entertainment marketing, IP marketing, and scene marketing, sales have exploded. In just three years, RIO cocktails have grown from annual sales of 80 million to 2.6 billion.

Market change, brand upgrade

Faced with a market that already has a 75% share of the industry, RIO cocktails are acutely aware that as the market's monopolist, relying on the existing market volume alone will not allow the brand to achieve greater growth.
We propose a strategy for RIO cocktails from “brand expansion to category expansion”:
1. Implementation from a single product line expansion to multiple product lines;
2. Expand from the core young consumer group to the general population;
3. From core consumption scenarios to multi-consumption scenarios.

Relying on the “category expansion” strategy, RIO cocktails have expanded the industry to more than 10 times.
In the future, we are looking forward to witnessing the development and progress of the Chinese cocktail market together with RIO cocktails, and continue to create more business miracles for our partners!