From the high-end market to the industry's preferred brand

With the rapid growth of China's economy, high-net-worth individuals have become a must for major insurance companies. AIA is not the first to enter this market, but how can it be post-production and firmly rooted in the high-end market to become a leader in the industry? We helped AIA to create a high-end brand for high-net-worth people – to the elite, and through a series of online and offline integration, it quickly became the preferred insurance brand for China's affluent class.

From the high-end market to the industry's preferred brand

In the face of China's high-net-worth market of more than 1.2 million, major insurance companies have launched high-end products and services. As a leading brand in the industry, AIA is not the earliest to enter the market, and its products and services are similar.
Through market research, we found that although major insurance companies focus on high-net-worth individuals, they do not form a high-end brand that belongs to them in the minds of consumers. Based on our experience in the field of financial insurance and after more than half a year of market research and consumer analysis, we have launched a “preemptive mind” strategy for AIA to create an exclusive high-end brand for China’s high net worth individuals. Elite.

The elites have great differences from the lifestyle, wealth needs, spiritual attitudes, and beliefs. Starting from their core needs, we named the brand “To the Elite”, positioned the brand proposition as “the best for the best”, and positioned the traditional insurance sales as “Wealth Heritage Planner”. As a result, the exclusive insurance brand of the first high-net-worth group in China was launched, which cut into the market and quickly seized the minds of consumers.

At the same time, in response to the core demands of high-net-worth individuals, we have created an integrated communication of “to the elite” brand. Through accurate integration of online and offline resources, the brand will be deeply rooted in the short term.

Through more than one year of hard work, we have more than 10,000 Chinese high-net-worth audiences participating in our projects, establishing the leading position of AIA's high-end business, and making the “elite” brand quickly become a high-net-worth group in China. Preferred brand. In the same year, the business volume was 1.3 billion yuan, accounting for one-third of the domestic high-net-worth insurance business.