From local brands to international influence

The "2 days have come" project, shouldering the heavy responsibility of Red Star Macalline to create the "Double Eleven" in the home industry. Innovate on the basis of two sessions, let more consumers understand and pay attention to this activity. We put our perspectives on the international level, and through the cooperation with the Grammy Award winner OK GO, we have created an unprecedented volume of communication for “two days”.

From local brands to international influence

In today's complex and ever-changing communication environment, in order to create a huge volume of sound, you must create a burst! “Two days have come”, as the biggest shopping festival in the home industry created by Red Star Macalline, it is impossible to achieve wider consumer attention and social influence by relying on traditional marketing methods and traditional media placement. Its purpose.
In the new media, use fresh and interesting content to achieve viral effects. We found the internationally renowned band OK GO to work together to create a very interesting visual blockbuster for Red Star Macalline's "Two Days Come".
Based on high-spread video, we use WeChat, Weibo, Zhizhi and various websites to form an integrated communication matrix, which together create momentum for “two days”.

In just two weeks, the number of spontaneous broadcasts of video exceeded 50 million, causing more than 1 million discussions. The final coverage was close to 300 million, and sales during the event increased by 260%.
What is even more surprising is that the foreign media has launched 0, but there are more than 50 foreign websites and media, including TV TOKYO and Fuji TV. The videos and cases have been reported spontaneously, which has caused the video to be widely spread internationally. Attention and discussion.

Through this communication, not only has Red Star Macalline "coming for 2 days", it has won unprecedented social attention and brand reputation, and has achieved good communication effects in the international arena. Today, with local brands becoming more and more global, we have the international level of creativity to help brands win international influence.