From scratch, to the complete incubation of the brand

Starting from 0, build a brand new brand, POPSS, to help it enter the bubble water field that is still in its infancy. We have established a brand and a series of creative communication for POPSS. Through our in-depth research and strategic thinking, we have positioned POPSS to a broader and more promising market.

From scratch, to the complete incubation of the brand

As a brand new brand, we have gone through the process from 0 to 1 with our customers. Regarding the scale of the current domestic soda market and the market status of functional demand alone, we believe that soda water can only win a broader market by relying on the functional needs of balancing stomach acid and regulating the stomach.
After an in-depth study of Germany and South Korea, the world's largest soda market, we found such a market opportunity: consumers recognize that drinking water is just a healthy need, but the taste is very boring; carbonated drinks taste interesting but unhealthy.
Therefore, we believe that the opportunity of POPSS is: a fashionable and healthy fashion drinking water, and propose a new positioning of “letting healthy bubbling”, so that the future of POPSS belongs to the more potential “bubble water” market.

The brand name and image comes with traffic, using a sensible name like POPSS, and a fun and interactive image with interactive genes that make POPSS package stand out in the channel.

For the increasingly high demand of the core consumer groups, we are focusing on “0 sugar 0 card 0 burden” as the main appeal, and cater to the primary concern of modern urban women on the body. We invite the season’s hit drama “Ode to Joy”. In the prince's endorsement of the verse, with the interesting personality of the "Qufu" elves, to make the brand personality, let POPSS win the starting line of communication.

We joined the super-IP Mayday brand Stayreal to carry out cross-border cooperation and launched a limited edition of POPSS. Once launched, it triggered a crazy enthusiasm for fans, selling an average of 19 seconds, just 5 days, triggering a 1.3 million onlookers discussion.

Accurate brand positioning, as well as good brand building and communication, have enabled POPSS to stand at a higher level than competing products, and have won the attention and favor of consumers.
In the future, we will continue to work with POPSS for a long time to provide consumers with a healthier and more interesting lifestyle.