From the ordinary tea chain to the NetRed shop in Shanghai
In Shanghai, a market with high consumption maturity, it is especially difficult to build a tea retail brand.
How do we build a brand new brand and become one of the most popular high-end tea shops in Shanghai by establishing its core value?
From the ordinary tea chain to the NetRed shop in Shanghai
Highly saturated tea market
The opal in the Tea House has already established its first store in Shanghai Metro City. In a highly commercial market like Shanghai, there are hundreds of brands in the tea shop from the low end to the high end.
How to break through in the highly saturated tea market and make the opal in the teahouse a popular top brand is the proposition we are thinking about.
Clear positioning to create a new dimension of the brand
We delved into consumers and found that tea is not an essential resistance to consumers. It is only in the heart of modern young people that tea life tonality and consumption concept have not really been established.
We help brands find the deep connection between modern tea and consumer psychological needs, and propose the brand positioning of <span style='color:#d71318'>“modern tea and light luxury experience”</span>.
For the brand from the depth and breadth of tea, creating a new strategic direction.
Five dimensions, brand upgrade implementation
The brand new brand positioning has found the direction of brand upgrade for the opal in the tea court.
Focusing on the new brand positioning, we help the opal in the teahouse to rebrand and upgrade from five dimensions:
·Brand gene reengineering
·Target group focus
·product upgrade
·Store upgrade
·Service upgrade
Insight into the crowd, precision marketing
Starting from the consumer demand and communication environment, we have created a series of marketing and communication activities for the opal in the teahouse, focusing on the target group for precise marketing.
To create a network red product to follow the hot spot, to experience the experience under the online dissemination line, so that the opal in the teahouse has gained extensive attention and store flow in the short term.
In the end, it has sprung up in the highly saturated tea market and became the online red shop sought after by consumers in Shanghai.
The opal in the teahouse has found a market differentiation by repositioning, and has also created a clear and feasible path for brand upgrading and sustainable development.
In the future, we will continue to help the opal in the teahouse, continue to expand its business, and eventually become a brand with world-class influence.